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Teens have used the technology to stream their own suicides or crimes, so it's very possible to see horrifying things because live video is so difficult to moderate. Just as people have become famous on You Tube, there are live-stream celebrities, and kids tune in to watch them, follow them, and even buy them "gifts," which are basically online donations.In other words, kids are making money and getting famous just by hosting live streams of themselves.If users want to use video chat, they contact a friend and start the video stream.The friend can either watch or join and doesn't have to be visible.For the most part, there is very little mature content, including swearing, partly because users do get blocked and banned — frequently.Though they don't promise to filter out all iffy stuff, there is a whole set of instructions on their site letting kids know how they can get blocked and how to block viewers.Through settings, teens have control over access to the "rooms" they create, keeping them totally private, requiring access requests, or limiting access to friends of friends.Because users can search for content on sites such as You Tube, they can potentially encounter all manner of content.

But with a smartphone in hand, their communication keeps changing. They can watch, create, and share video — preferably live video.Up to eight people can be on a call at once, and groups can lock their chats so others can't join.If a friend of a friend joins, users get a notification, which lets them jump off the call if they want.Live-Streaming Apps Facebook, Instagram and You Tube Live.These giants have all kinds of bells and whistles, and all of them have jumped on the live-streaming bandwagon.

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What parents need to know Hype — Interactive Live Video. Like the others, this app is a one-way window-style streamer, where users broadcast to unseen followers.

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