Skyrim quest log not updating

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Skyrim quest log not updating

In some cases after a patch has been installed players have noted that their previous save files have become unplayable, glitchy and other issues.

As such it may be necessary to start a new game file to have all issues resolved.

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Though consolefolk are revelling in a spike from fuzzy 720p to crisp-textured 1080, on PC The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition [official site] is about as transformational as wiping the toilet seat (well, depending on who exactly used it before you did).

I will note that it’s running worse for me than the original Skyrim, hanging around 40 frames per second maxed-out as compared to 60 , and given that it doesn’t look meaningfully improved to my eyes, this is a fairly steep price to pay, though I imagine a combo of new drivers and patches will take the edge off before too long.

There is, however, a silver lining to a cloud that is not particularly grey anyway, given that it is a free upgrade to anyone who owned Skyrim and its expansions and adds to their Steam account before today ends. Skyrim Special Edition is out now on Windows via Steam for £30//€40.

There’s no way you’d ever mistake Skyrim Special Edition for a true 2016 game, but sometimes it does seem a year or two younger than it really is.I mean faces that look like people rather than misprinted Bratz dolls. I earnestly believe that, three months from now, I’d be saying ‘SE not OG without a doubt’. There is also the very strong chance that your age-old Skyrim saves will not be supported by the Special Edition.I mean a hundred different lighting and texture and quality of life improvements that we all installed in 2011 or 2012 then took for granted but have to do without in Skyrim Special Edition. A few folk are claiming that their saves made it through the net, but I have had zero luck across dozens of attempts, the Special Edition crashing for each, and I am a long, long way from alone in this. This alone is a reason to steer clear of the Special Edition until you can somehow establish if the campaign you put dozens or hundreds of hours of your life into will be supported.I mean replacing the inventory and map screen with something that wasn’t made for a gamepad and a 1280×720 screen. ”, and the simple truth is you’re going to have a better time with the original edition and a few carefully-chosen mods, particularly UI ones.I mean skyboxes full of life, more dynamic weather and all the snow-flecked trees you can handle. Unless you never played with the official high-res texture add-on, the visual difference between the two Skyrims is honestly minor, and most of the improvements can be achieved or even bettered by adding ENB or Sweet FX to Old Skyrim.

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If minor appearance changes were the only factor, I’d say go for the Special Edition if you’re planning on a slightly lengthy return to Skyrim, as that’s where mods will now focus and there are almost certainly going to be patches.

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