Signing dating prints

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Signing dating prints

This can be done by cutting a prominent line or cross on the printing block ​or drilling a hole in it.

The artist then makes a couple of prints to create a record of the block having been destroyed, marked CP (cancellation proof).

(If you get famous enough, gallery curators will be very excited to find these!

)It's convention to cancel (deface) the printing block once all the prints have been done so no more can be made.

These aren't numbered, but marked "proof", "artist's proof", or "AP".This month the Making A Mark Poll is about signing artwork.I've also created a new resources for artists website - How to sign a painting and other fine art - which is providing to be very popular. A painting, drawing, or sketch may be used as the starting point for the print, but the end result is something different.For example, an etching made of a painting, something commonly done before the invention of photography and color printing processes.

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If you're giving the print a title, this goes in the center, often in inverted commas.