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Sexy trap chat

Our bank account grew, our marriage was fantastic (sex was still lacking but we didn’t care) and Viki was happy.

We had identified the house we wanted to buy and paid the deposit on it.

Viki and I were overjoyed as the job meant more money and perks.

As well, there was a chance for a promotion and potential to live and work overseas which was Viki’s dream.

I was often asked to travel to Bangkok and Viki traveled with me sometimes.

Our life returned to normal, although my feelings about that night tormented me.

I would come home from work and sometimes be horny after fantasizing about how she had been fucked by the guy in the club.

Previously, she usually turned down my advances or just lay on her stomach looking at her phone or just lying still with her eyes close while I quickly came in her.

But at other times I would be overcome with jealousy and anger at my wife for cheating on me and lying about it.

She had no idea that I not only knew about her cheating, but had helped set it up and watched the whole thing.

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This didn’t last for long and a few months later sex returned to once a month, usually if we came home from a party and she was drunk.

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