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Some time before I was released he was taken from the guard-room cell and placed in a casemate by himself, but after making an attempt to escape one tempestuous night by springing from the wall into the raging tide, although not knowing how to swim, he was not allowed to leave the room under any circumstances, and a sergeant (selected I verily believe on account of his known harsh demeanor) was confined in the room with him night and day armed with a loaded musket. He was allowed no communication whatever with any one inside of the fort, his jailers excepted, and this has been continued up to the time that I left Fort Lafayette. SIR: This will be handed you by an officer sent in charge of certain prisoners (a list of whom is inclosed*) transferred to your post for greater security by direction of Maj. They are designated on the list by black lines under the name. I found that hands that I had employed to work on a very important piece of work, upon the execution of which depended the possibility of occupying at least one-third if not one-half the camp, taken off and employed upon matters of very comparative unimportance. I have as directed prepared a letter for General Mc Clellan to the effect of your instructions, which I will forward by flag of truce to-morrow. General Mc Clellan should be informed that not being certain of its correctness no change in the treatment of the hostages has been made. In regard to the cause and circumstances of his capture I beg leave to refer you to Governor Letcher, of this State, whom I believe to be aware of the causes which led to his arrest. The order in relation thereto will be forwarded in a day or two. I found the public property scattered over the whole camp, lying exposed to the weather and to depredation. SIR: I have had the honor to receive your letter of yesterday’s date relative to the reported action of the United States Government with respect to Captains Spriggs and Triplett, of the Virginia ranger service, who have been captured. [Indorsement.] General LEE: The information was received from Governor Letcher. The fact is it has been my opinion and is now that such treatment could not be continued without either costing him his reason or his life.

Army, is hereby appointed to meet such officer as has been or may be appointed by the commanding general of the U. Army to negotiate for the exchange of prisoners of war taken and held by the respective armies during the existing war. I will not follow Surgeon Lane through his long letter but shall touch upon some of the prominent points. We've uncovered evidence that Harmison knew he was going to be appointed shortly after Greitens' election and took steps to ensure the judgeship would be his.In other words, Harmison is a political hack, and his prime supporter now is a fallen political embarrassment. BIRD, Superintendent South Side Railroad Company, Petersburg: I regret very much that supposing me to be ignorant of the number of troops ordered forward by myself you should communicate our movements in the way you have done. I will close by remarking that Surgeon Lane, in my office, while speaking on this subject used highly improper and insubordinate language, for which I was obliged to rebuke him and warn him that a repetition would cause his arrest. I do not propose that the person who may be selected as a hostage for him should be treated in a personally retaliatory manner, for I think that such a course would not only be unproductive of any desired results but would be derogatory to the honor of a Christian nation in a civilized and enlightened age. As to the number of officers at the post I will remark-a captain, two lieutenants, one quartermaster, one commissary and three sergeants and one barrack master are none too much for a post containing some one hundred and eighty houses and covering a very large extent containing between three and four thousand men; besides which one of the subalterns is intended for Chimborazo as soon as a commander can be found. Chambliss, whose report is quoted, nor have I seen the report. It is thought that our Government has acted with the most unmerited indifference toward him.

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