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When I tried to use the smart chip in my credit card at my drugstore’s self-service kiosk, the machine gave me a malfunction error and wouldn’t process the payment. Like their magnetic-stripe predecessors, the smart chips on the front of the card can be damaged by scrapes from keys, coins and other items with sharp edges.

What causes that error and how fragile are these new cards? When inserted into a special card reader, that small metallic microchip on the front of newer credit and debit cards processes transaction data in a more secure way than do older cards that simply encode the account information in a magnetic stripe on the back. Exposure to liquids and other substances can also harm the chip.

When word spreads of the spam du jour, the scammers simply toss the phones they're using and buy new ones.

What's more, cellphone users are three times more likely than computer users to respond to spam.

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• Anti-malware software is available for many phones.

The trade-off may be reduced battery life, so check with your service provider or phone manufacturer for recommendations. If you suspect an upgrade notification is phony, check with your cellphone or software provider.

cards — short for Europay, Master Card and Visa, the three companies that founded the standard.

Some users have even reported the entire chip itself falling off the card because of faulty adhesive or other issues.

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If you manage your card’s account online, check the company’s website for a “replace lost or damaged card” link.