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Then came a job in the field he loved and always dreamed to be a part of — director of Rolling Stone Press, the book publishing division of the magazine.

Though he doesn’t remember exactly when Wenner offered him the job, the details of the role were finalized around May 1983, and his first day at work was in July.“I never went into the office, never had an interview with anyone there — I certainly don’t recall one,” Wells said, adding that he didn’t know if someone had previously held the position or if it was created specifically for him.

“He was an exciting guy to be around.”But in February 1983, after they both spent a night drinking and doing cocaine in Wenner’s Upper East Side home, Wenner sexually assaulted him, Wells recently told Buzz Feed News.

In the early 1980s, Wenner was "unhealthy, bloated from alcohol and cocaine abuse," according to Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine by author Joe Hagan.

(Wells’ father died in 2003.)The prostitute did not stay for very long, Wells said.

Once she left, the two men remained in the room, mostly naked.

Wells rocked side to side to gather up enough momentum to push Wenner off him.“I got my clothes and just tore out of there and ran home and showered,” Wells said.

And he admired the magazine’s famed founder, Jann Wenner.

Wells took the job thinking this was the beginning of his career. “When I started working there, Jann wasn’t too interested in what I did,” Wells said.

“I knew when I started working there, there was always the question of a continuing sexual relationship.”Wells thought to himself, though, No, that’s not going to happen.

Wells doesn’t remember if they talked about the prospects of a job — but he does remember drinking vodka and doing lines of cocaine.

At one point the two men were left alone in the study and Wenner offered to call a prostitute for them.“I was high.

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It’s unclear if Wenner feared Wells would out him as gay. Wells said he always interpreted Wenner agreeing to the settlement as him not wanting the nature of what happened to come to light.

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