Sex dating in leigh lancashire

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Sex dating in leigh lancashire

Campbell, William, Plant and Transport mgr, Esso Exploration and Production UK Ltd.

For serv the Oil ind Carter, Miss Eva Cathleen, For serv The Boys Brigade and to the commty in Brighton, East Sussex.

Edwards, Prof Dianne, FRS, Distinguished Research Prof of Palaeobotany, Univ of Wales, Cardiff. Elliott, Mrs Margaret, For serv Business Etherington, Gordon David, Lately ch Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service. Masterton, Gavin George, Treasurer and mgg dir, Bank of Scotland. Porteous, Mrs Catherine Eleanor, For serv the Arts and to the National Ccl of One Parent Families. Reeves, Colin Leslie, Dir, Finance and Performance, NHS exec, Dept of Health. Shaw, Thomas Joseph, For publ serv Shelley, Roy Derek, Business Group dir, GKN Westland Helicopters Ltd. Odling-Smee, Mrs Anne, For serv Educ Smith, Grahame Reginald, DL, Lately dir, hd of Sellafield Site, BNFL. For serv the Railway ind and to Employee Relations. For serv the Environment through Combined Heat and Power. Bannister, Miss Carys Margaret, Consultant Neurosurg. For serv ind and to the commty in Bridgend, South Wales. Black, William Lilly, For serv the Univ of Kingston-upon-Hull.

Farrage, Terry, Head, Immigration Service Ports Dirate, Home Off. Galsworthy, Arthur Michael Johnstone, DL, chm, Trewithen Estates Management Company and chm, The In Pursuit of Excellence Partnership for Cornwall. Garland, Prof Peter Bryan, For serv Cancer Research and to Biotechnol. Hassall, Eric Ronald, DSC, chm, Brit Geological Survey. Prickett, Robert Andrew, Lately ch Crown Prosecutor for Wales, Crown Prosecution Service. Richardson, David William, For serv the Brit Chambers of Commerce. Bird, John Leslie, For serv the Corporation of London and to charities. Boal, Prof Frederick Wilgar, For serv Regional Planning and Urban Development Bodfish, Kenneth, Member, Brighton and Hove Unitary Authority. Bolton, Robert David, For serv the commty Bonner, Paul Max, For serv Broadcasting. Brown, Prof Fred, FRS, For serv the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee.

Fay, Christopher Ernest, Lately chm and Ch exec, Shell UK Ltd. Ford, Sydney John, Chief exec, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Dept for the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Gavin, Anthony John, Headteach, St Margaret's Academy, Livingston. Gorringe, Christopher John, Chief exec, All Eng Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Grayson, David Roger, OBE, chm, National Disability Ccl. Griffiths, Douglas Eric George, Commr and Dep Ch exec, The Crown Estate. Russell, Prof Elizabeth Mary, For serv Public Health Medicine. Bowen, Edward Martin, For serv Secondary Educ Bracewell, Miss Julia, For serv Sport, especly Fencing. Brown, Kennedy John Henry, Clerk of the Public Accounts Committee, House of Commons. For serv Agriculture and to the commty in Kirkcudbright. O., For serv the sec of State for Scotlands Fisheries Committee.

Russell, James Gordon, QFSM, Lately ch Fire Offr, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Sanderson, Bryan Kaye, Chief exec, BP Amoco Chemicals. Burgess, Anthony Francis, Lately Area Administrator, Crown Prosecution Service. Principal Electrical Insp, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Barrack, Hoyland, For serv the R Brit Legion in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Foster, Sir Norman, OM, architect; chm, Foster & Partners. Williams, Prof Bernard Arthur Owen, Emeritus Prof of Moral Philosophy and Fellow of All Souls College, Univ of Oxf. Williams, David Reeve, CBE, Leader, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Hayward, Miss Beryl Minnie, JP, For serv the Administration of Justice in Shropshire. For serv the Protection of Women and Children suffering Domestic Violence. Hunt, Judith Anne, Lately Ch exec, Local Govt Management Board. Hutton, Brig Geoffrey William, DL, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Association in Avon and Severnside. Millbanks, Colin, Chief exec, Mayne Nickless Express North America and Europe. Brooks, John Stanley, For serv 75 Squadron Association.

Knight Commander (KBE) Deedes, The Right Honourable William Francis, Baron, of Aldington. Commander (CBE) Acher, Gerald, Sen Partner, KPMG London Office and vice-chm, Motability. Adamson, Stephen James Lister, For serv the Insolvency Profession. Anderson, Prof John Maxwell, chm, Building Regulations Advisory Committee. Baddeley, Prof Alan David, FRS, Prof of Psychology, Univ of Bristol. Bakewell, Joan Dawson, For serv Broadcasting, Journalism and the Arts. Bayley, Prof John Oliver, For serv English Literature. Bryce, John Pattie Bennet, Assistant dir, HM Bd of In Rev. Cobb, David Bilsland, JP, exec chm, James Fisher and Sons plc. Collier, Michael Herbert, Chief exec, One North East and ltly Ch exec, Funding Agency for Schools. Collins, His Honour Judge Paul Howard, Dir of Studies, Judicial Studies Board. Deacon, John, Dir gen, Brit Phonographic ind Limited. Drinkwater, Christopher, Gen Medical Practitioner, Newcastle upon Tyne. Duncan, Norman Fraser, Lately hd of Branch, Social Care Group, Dept of Health. Hunt, Prof John Wallace, For serv Management Development. Lister, Prof Margot Ruth Aline, Prof of Social Policy, Loughborough Univ. Lovejoy, Prof Derek Alfred Walter, For serv Landscape Architecture. Neame, Robert Harry Beale, DL, chm, Shepherd Neame Ltd. Newing, John, QPM, Ch Const, Derbyshire Constabulary. Oakley, Christopher John, Chief exec, Regional Independent Newspapers. Olins, Wallace, For serv the use of Design in Business. Thompson, John Robin, Dir, Strategic Planning, Kent Cnty Ccl. Trench, David James Knights, Site and Structures dir, Millennium Dome. Tritton, Alan George, DL, For serv Anglo/Indian Relations and to the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage. Officer (OBE) Adams, Charles Henry, For serv commty Relations. Anderson, David James Charles, Head of Educ, Victoria and Albert Museum. Anderson, Prof Michael, Prof of Economic and Social History, Univ of Edinburgh. Anderson, William FT., chm, Aberlour Child Care Trust. Archer, Prof Desmond Brian, For serv Ophthalmic Surgery Asprey, Ernest Robin, Lately Grade 7, Intervention Board, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Baxter, Bernard William James, JP, For serv the Magistracy in North Tyneside. Beckett, Samantha Mary Constance, Range F, HM Treas.

Adler, Prof Michael William, chm, National Aids Trust, Prof of Genito-Urinary Medicine. For serv Building and the Development of Building Regulations. Baldwin, Joseph Brian, chm, National Employers Organisation and Joint chm, National Joint Ccl for Local Govt Services. Banatvala, Prof Jangu Edal, Prof of Clinical Virology, United Medical and Dental Schools. Barnard, John Charles, Collector, Thames Valley, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Bidwell, Robin, chm, Environmental Resources Management Ltd. Cook, Allan Vincent Cannon, Technical dir, Accounting Standards Board. Cosgrave, Christopher, Headteach, St John the Divine Primary School, Lambeth, London. Crane, Thomas Peter Robin, chm, R Society for Nature Conservation. Dunlop, Norman Nicolson Wallace, For serv the Engineering Construction ind Training Board. Hunter, Philip John, Dir of Educ, Staffordshire Cnty Ccl. Mac Kie, Prof Rona Mc Leod, Prof of Dermatology, Univ of Glasgow. Marshall, Michael John, DL, For serv the Engineering ind and to the commty in Cambshire. Parker, Christopher Stuart, Headteach, Nottingham High School and chm, Advisory Group on Independent/State School Partnerships. Patel, Chaitanya, For serv the Development of Social Care Policies. Turner, Michael John, exec dir, Brit Aerospace plc. Emery-Wallis, Frederick Alfred John, Leader, Hampshire Cnty Ccl. Weale, Martin Robert, Dir, National Inst of Economic and Social Research. Welch, David, Chief exec, R Parks Agency, Dept for Culture, Media and Sport. Adams, Lewis Drummond, Training consult, Millennium Drivers. Atkins, Gerald, Group Business Development dir, Vivendi plc. Barrett, Mervyn, For serv the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders. For serv the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Committee. Bell, Mrs Maeve, For serv Consumers Bevan, John Peter, Corporate Communications exec, Sony Manufacturing.

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Life Peers Fellowes, The Right Honourable Sir Robert, GCB, GCVO, QSO, lately private sec to The Queen.

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King, Norman James, chm, WHO Pan-European Task Force on National Environmental Health Action Plans. Last, Prof Frederick, Lately Member, Scottish Natural Heritage. Law, Miss Catherine, Sen Research Fellow, MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit, Univ of Southampton. Lawrence, Susanna Lucy, Gen Medical Practitioner, Leeds. Bruce, Miss Anna Cook Mair-Mc Coll, exec Offr, Benefits Agency, DSS. Calvert, Mrs Elizabeth Marjorie, Lately School Crossing Patrol. Cameron, Derek Mac Pherson, Proprietor, Dominion Cinema, Edinburgh. Camp, Anthony John, For serv the Society of Genealogists.