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Sex chat mums

If we could, we would probably communicate in semaphore.It's quicker and when your brain is going at 100 miles an hour - trying to process information about work and home and what you're going to cook for dinner and whether you remembered to book the dental appointment - normal conversation is pretty much impossible.Working mothers may not be around to make chocolate krispie cakes, we may not polish shoes, mend trousers or sew in name tapes - I scribble on the washing label, which is neither chic nor effective, but it is quick - but at least we are out in the world. Our self-esteem is not entirely dependent on whether our offspring secures the lead role in the Nativity play.Non-working mothers will, of course, say they make the most important contribution of all to their children's lives and that of society as a whole.Then they chatted aimlessly to each other about soup recipes and yoga.We working mothers don't have time to chat aimlessly.Allow their brains to go soft This doesn't make us bad mothers, but it does make us pressured ones. Too many full-time mothers allow their brains to go as soft as overcooked spaghetti.They are intellectually stunted by a steady sink into a totally child-centred life.

As well as 1-on-1 sex, you have the possibility to meet and hook up with sluts for things like threesomes, gang bangs, orgies, swinging and even genuine dogging.

I think working parents like me should get a little of the input, not to mention applause, that goes to the non-working contingent.

We are trying to do the best for our children, too; we just haven't got the time to hang about to advertise the fact. One of the other candidates used to be a big wheel in TV.

At my older son's school, there is an election this week for a parent governor.

Of course, this is prime smug Stay At Home Mum territory, which is exactly why I have put my name forward.

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