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While there are no reports on Mike’s cause of death at the moment, he was arrested last month for felony possession of a controlled substance. Drew did a thorough medical examination of her, including a full neurological check-up, and she is fine.

The cops stated he had 6 Xanax pills and 6 Opana (painkiller) pills when he was arrested. Michaele is all drama, that is her main issue,” said a source to Radar. Evidently, Michael, who is also on , was renting out his LA apartment to Tareq for 3 weeks at a rate of ,500.

VH1 has now announced the all new cast of their second season of Sober House, set to premiere Thursday, March 11 at 10PM ET/PT.

In the end, we will witness the real life struggles of these celebrity patients whose sobriety hangs by a thread as they experience the pressures of daily life outside of rehab. Drew and his team will strive to give the patients the tools they need to maintain sobriety when they leave the house and return to the public eye of their celebrity lives.

PHOTOS AND BRIEF BIOS OF EACH CAST MEMBER BELOW: Kari Ann Peniche () – Former “Hollywood Madam,” in 1997, Heidi was convicted in connection with her prostitution ring with charges including procuring and tax evasion. Above is a video preview which shows it’s bound to be a rocky and emotional ride. The cast includes Mackenzie Philips of “One Day At A Time Show”, Heidi Fleiss, basketball star Dennis Rodman, country music singer Mindy Mc Cready, fame, Ex-Miss USA Teen Kari Ann Peniche and Real World Hollywood star Joey Kovar, and actor Tom Sizemore.

“The decision was made to put the show on hiatus because Dr.

Drew to do ‘Rehab’ is a “tremendous” amount of time. Mike died of a drug overdose while Jeff passed away due to complications related to prescription drug use.

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The cast this season will combine patients from both “Celebrity Rehab 3″ as well as “Sex Rehab with Dr.