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The song "To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)" is featured in the 2006 film Accepted, the 2002 film The Slaughter Rule, and the 2003 film Old School.

Watch Adams talk through ‘Prisoner’ track-by-track in the video above, and see below as Adams discusses his journey to making one of the finest albums of his career. Was writing a cathartic exercise or did it all just pour out?"It's a propitious time to get him back."Watch Marina and the Diamonds Chase Memories in New 'Immortal' Video Robert Delong's Alien Dream Now that is returning as a miniseries, maybe creator Chris Carter should talk to Robert Delong about scoring it.The eccentric indie-electronic musician's dreams are as far-out as his music.Contestant Paul Mc Donald sang "Come Pick Me Up" on American Idol.English DJ Mark Ronson remixed the song "Amy" for his 2007 album Version, of which singer Kenna provides vocals.

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Delong tells Overheard that he recently had a dream where he stumbled across "two bright lights" which came together to form "a sort of came from some unlikely places.

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  1. I also now affirmatively know that the media never interviewed real victims, they interviewed actors who were complicit in the shooting that would not spill the beans on the official story.