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Any doctrine or teaching that is codified by the Church is considered so essential to the Faith that its denial will lead to dire consequences as all Catholic doctrines work together like a tapestry - to rip one out is to implicitly deny the others on some level.

From belief comes prayer and action, hence the reason why the Church is so adamant in the rule of belief. Practice comes from belief; we act the way we believe.

These rules help guide people in virtue and avoid vice.

Disciplinary rules are used in how Catholic customs, ceremonies and prayers are done.

Theologians like to reference rules as what gives us freedom, a very anti-modern concept: the Faith is like a bridge and the rules are its guide rails.

If the rules are removed, giving one complete liberty, the chance of falling is increased exponentially. The benefits are that you are in a Christian religion that Jesus founded, Matthew 16, 17-19.

Thi S means also that the Protestant must concede to the Roman Catholic party's wishes in all matters re­garding birth control, the use of contraceptives, "planned marriage," etc., which are subject to strict regulation by the Roman hierarchy. Furthermore, the Protestant is required to submit to a course of instruction in the Roman re­ligion by a priest before the marriage is performed, in order that he may understand well what the Papacy requires of the party to whom he is to be wedded. The Roman Catholic party is required to do all in his power to convert his Protestant compan­ion to the papal religion. ( July, 1939), a Roman Catholic periodical published monthly by Passionist Missions, Union City, New Jersey, replied: "If such an office is part of a religious rite, it is not lawful for a [Roman] Catholic to act as bridesmaid or best man, for it would be communication with a false religion and a tacit approbation of it." Protestant writers on this subject urge that Protestant youth be shown the dangers involved in marriage with Roman Catholics, and that a pro­gram of education in this direction be diligently fostered in all Protestant churches.

These articles make helpful supple­mentary reading on the question.

Following is a copy of the statement that the Protestant party to a mixed marriage must sign in the presence of a Roman Catholic priest before the wedding takes place: "I, the undersigned, not a member of the [Roman] Catholic Church, wishing to contract marriage with_______ , a member of the Catholic Church, propose to do so with the understanding that the marriage bond thus contracted is indissoluble, except by death.

The matter of mixed marriages has become a burning issue between Protestants and Roman Catholics in recent months.

Several leading representatives of twentieth-century Protestantism have publicly taken a strong stand against the papal policy which to all intents and purposes say, "We make all the rules for any marriage in which a Roman Catholic is a party." Most important among the published statements on such marriages is the 24-page tract, of August 2, 1945, carried a fine article, 'This Matter of Mixed Marriages," by Frank C. Lieutenant Colonel Ridecitif is a retired chaplain of the United States Army.

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"For the issuing of a dispensation for a mixed mar­riage, the [Roman] Church requires three conditions; that the [Roman] Catholic party be allowed free exercise of religion, that all the offspring are to be brought up [Roman] Catholics, and that the [Roman] Catholic party promise to do all that is ,possible to convert the non-Catholic."—The vol. Statistics re­veal that 15.2 percent of such mixed marriages result in broken homes, which is more than twice as high as the rate for weddings in which bride and groom are both Protestant.

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