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Posted by / 23-Apr-2020 12:14

One of the interesting things about the age of the internet is that it evolves.

As you probably know there is a video of me performing ‘Chocolate Cake’ right here, along with 91 other poems filmed by my son Joe plus some other videos of me in performance from BBC Learning in Scotland and the like.You Tube is an ‘open’ site, which means that the videos belong to anyone and everyone.Anyone can take them and do what they want with them. We’ve reached a massively important moment in education and this cannot be underestimated.Just to be very clear, so that I’m not misquoted or misunderstood on this: what I say and will go on saying is that synthetic phonics (SP) is one system for teaching children to read. That’s to say, the children are asked to just learn these words as ‘in toto’, as whole words; b) there are some schools which teach initial reading using SP and consider that the work they do with poems, rhyming words, stories, library use is not ‘teaching to read’.It may well be a necessary part of teaching to read but it is not ‘sufficient’. Recently, I have been in arguments with people about two things: a) the SP packs that schools use include a category of words which they call ‘tricky words’. What I and people like me think is that this is also ‘teaching to read’. Because the written language as a whole – its sound, its structure, its rhythms, its particular use of words and phrases all have to be learnt so that one can read with confidence, fluency and understanding – as well as giving motivation to learners to want to read. This month’s poetry hint for your classroom: why not get rid of your ‘Word Wall’ or ‘Wow Words’?

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