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That openness is why online dating works for some people.This creates a pool of vulnerable potential victims for ID thieves to exploit through phishing.High-profile personal classifieds hacks have garnered headlines in 2015, so joining the wrong site could add your name to the growing list of Americans whose private data is no longer private.Due to the open nature of online dating platforms, it’s easy for a criminal to pose as someone he or she isn’t.However, users should be careful about the information they supply on profiles, which can ask revealing questions about users.

"Always bear in mind that the other person is a stranger.While conventional dating methods are still practiced, online dating offers a convenient, safe, alternative approach to meeting new people.Some people do not choose online dating because they meet new people in their everyday lives, while others appreciate the safety and confidence provided when initial contact is made through a computer screen.The business of matchmaking attracts people who are sincerely looking for love.As such, users may be less inhibited sharing details about their lives with a perfect stranger.

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In addition to your physical security, however, it’s important to watch out for the safety of your information.

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