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Regular expression for validating numbers only

To my knowledge, this matches all the variations on numbers that Java and Java Script will ever throw at you, including "-Infinity", "1e-24" and "Na N".It also matches numbers you might type, such as "-.5".As written, re Snippet is designed to be dropped into other regular expressions, so you can extract (or avoid) numbers. ' // Optional exponent 0-29 for scientific notation. Despite all the parentheses, it contains no capturing groups. Lookbehind has limitations, like the phrase cannot include quantifiers. You can use alternation, but only if all alternatives have the same length.That's why for some cases I'll be using Lookahead instead, which is the same, but in the opposite way. These flavors evaluate lookbehind by first stepping back through the subject string for as many characters as the lookbehind needs, and then attempting the regex inside the lookbehind from left to right.

Example of valid values: "3", "-3", "0", "0.0", "1.0", "0.7", "690.7", "0.0001", "-555", "945465464654" Example of not valid values: "a", "", " ", ".", "-", "001", "00.2", "000.5", ".3", "3.", " -1", "--1", "-.1", "-0", "00099", "099" A number can start with a period (without leading digits(s)), and a number can end with a period (without trailing digits(s)).Above regex will recognize both as correct numbers. (period) itself without any digits is not a correct number.That's why we need two regex parts there (separated with a "|"). I think that this one is the simplest one and it accepts European and USA way of writing numbers e.g. [0-9] $ You can use this to validate whether a user has entered a number (2) or number with decimals (2.45453). I would have expected the Range Validor to work, but it doesn't. Taffy Hi I have a telephone number field which may accept following format 46 85 90 35 518 358 26 38 03 85 01993 831841 46 303 778 350 44(0)1344 621681 (01945) 871007 I need a regular expression to validate above field.. Ok If you want to match a floating point numbers use this ^[0-9]*\.?

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It bypasses all the JS folklore, like tipeof(Na N) = number, parseint('1 Kg') = 1, booleans coerced into numbers, and the like.

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