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They came equipped with painted backdrops of Niagara Falls, a beach, a boat, and other novelty props for comic portraits. A card stock product, nearly four times the size of previous photographs on card stock.

The larger size created new problems of photographic quality.

The technique of making such enlargements were so complicated that few photographers had the proper skill to make an enlargement from a standard studio negative.

Much of the demand for larger photographs could be satisfied by making larger negatives and larger cameras to handle them.

Wet plate negatives were often 11" x 14" up to 20" x 24" sheets of sensitized glass.

plate photographers helped to open the American West by taking their cameras out of the studio and on location assignment with the survey teams of the U. Government and the railroads in the Far West, and with the geological expeditions moving into the unmapped wilderness beyond the Rocky Mountains.

This led to verbal skirmishes between photographers who insisted in "truth in photography". The stamp was to be canceled by requiring that the seller cancel the stamp by initializing and dating it in ink.

The cost: .00 (more than a weeks pay for most people). Calotypes were never widely popular, and most of those surviving are in museums. In their place, paper folders of the size of the then popular card photographs were used for protection.

The camera boated down the Colorado River during the Powell Expedition into the Grand Canyon was 11" x 14".

The work of these photographers, shown in major exhibitions in Washington D.

REVENUE STAMPS ARE A TOOL FOR DATING PHOTOGRAPHSAs part of the effort by the Congress to fund the Civil War, among a number of taxes levied was an 1864 Act which provided that sellers of photographs affix stamps at the time of sale to "photographs, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, or any sun pictures", according to the following schedule, exempting photographs too small for the stamp to be affixed: Less than 25 cents: 2 cents stamps (blue/orange). Values for all of these stamps appear in the Scott's Specialized Catalog of United States Stamps.

side set of images of a single scene, viewed simultaneously through an optical device held to the eyes like a pair of binoculars.

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