Radioactive dating sparks controversy

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Radioactive dating sparks controversy

Please feel free to refine this list and repost it, just please preserve the photo credits and links to photographers.Also, suggestions for improvement on any items is welcome as this is a lot of material over a wide range of scientific fields, so I have certainly bungled some things here.When a species gets split into two groups by a river, mountain range, island, lake, or ocean via earthquakes, floods, droughts, climate change, or continental drift, the two populations will begin to drift genetically.Mutations that reduce an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce will be less likely to end up in offspring.” The shells were deposited in layers on the Ocean floor over millions of years, layers that would be violently broken up and rippled into a mountain range 480,000,000 years ago by a catastrophic earthquake.

You will never find a Neanderthal bone in the same stratum as a Tyrannosaurus rex bone.I’ve used links to articles in Wikipedia as much as possible because Wiki articles are refined over time with our understanding of the subjectmatter and are less subject to link-rot.This post is licensed Creative Commons and all photos listed here are available under some form of free-to-use licensing.Plants take in carbon from the atmosphere and ocean and fix it into themselves.Animals eat plants and fix the carbon into themselves.

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