Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm Chat rooms for sexting no sign up

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Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm

Ideally the human body should be given what it needs to achieve maximum functioning, efficiency, and balance.

So for me that means no drugs, just a good diet and enough water and oxygen and sunshine and sufficient sleep (and a little exercise too to keep things from rusting).

This also means that yes there are some who can handle it, who are hooked up with the right shamans, and who therefore come away with a net positive effect from it all, but I think they are in the minority and others may end up doing more harm than good.

My general advice to people doing it anyway is: do not become a perpetual user, don’t get permanently affiliated with the ayahuasca culture, and sort very carefully the gems from the garbage of what you experience from your trip.

It uses a lot of sleight of hand, wrong assumptions, incomplete assumptions, and lack of sufficient science knowledge to pull various “stage magic” tricks to support the idea that Earth is flat.

But if you investigate each of the claims, you can find where their reasoning or assumptions go wrong.

And yes this includes negative entities as well, since they’d have an easier time then jacking into you.If it were to expand way too much, the connection with the physical brain side would probably suffer.The opposite is the case when you’re wide awake and in your body, then the soul is too involved in the body to easily receive stimulus from the higher mind.In other words, something that was artificially induced is transferred over to the psychological domain, where it lives on long after the drug has worn off.For example, some people get paranoid while on marijuana, maybe feeling like their roommate is putting poison in his milk or something.

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Well dreams are a two-way communication between the physical brain and the spirit / higher mind / higher self / subconscious, with the soul being the intermediate layer that facilitates this transmission back and forth.

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