Problem with updating super genie vijeo citect Chatroulettesix arbe

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Without reading the manual, my first guess would be the number is too large for the display. If shows # A S S and can't be clicked to enter set point value.

Other HMIs display #### or **** or some combination when a number is too big. Even if I did, the back-up restore should have render everything back to the initial state but still, I can't have it show 0.00 in the text input..

This option defaults to 1 and must be set in the CITECT. You will have to recomple your database if you change this option. The data type of the tag you have passed to the *** function is not the same as the type defined in the super genie. If you pass a tag off a different data type to the super genie the association will fail.

When you create a super genie the type of each association is defined in the super genie as ? For example if you pass a tag of type REAL to a super genie number of INT the association will fail.

The Ass Pop Up() and the Ass Win() are the most commonly used functions.

See the online help for full details of these and other association functions. The tag name you have passed to the *** function does not exits.

Hope this helps, Regards, Hi Gary, thanks for the reply but all environment variables are empty in both versions, I am using the fx below to set the pens am I just missing something with the code?

I have upgraded Citect from 5.4 to 7.4 following the upgrade path, the program compiles and runs fine but a super genie that displays 3 trends will not now display the trends.

i am using setpen and assinfo to get the tag the tags are displaying values fine just not in the trend.

In Citect explorer , go View - Data Folder and delete all the trend history there.

Since you are using Page Info i assume you are calling the function using a Cicode object on the page.

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