Pretty girls dating ugly men Portland phone chat hookup

Posted by / 28-Jun-2020 10:14

Pretty girls dating ugly men

The manosphere discourages them from making friends with women which makes them completely vulnerable to cherry picking versus actual proportionate reality.

You can cherry pick from an infinity well online and make up any reality you want.

Yup~ But you try telling a MGTOW that he is the same as a feminist, and you get lynched.

Well I just get told to shut my whore mouth, but different strokes.

99% of the time I am make up free because I hate the feel of makeup, makes me itch.

It's hilarious that they'd rather trust shit they see online than real life people.

Makeup might make a Chadlite look like a Chad with some handy brushwork, but guys who are incel tier have no real hope.

I just hate anyone who's unattractive just like I love anyone who is attractive no matter what.

Not only that, but the layered foundation and contouring weighs down the face, making fine lines, and dried out skin more apparent IRL.

Wearing make up all the time, especially heavy layers, is NOT good for your skin.

These are the types of girls that always say they have no female friends because "women are drama". These types of women hate me because I dispel their illusion.

When their male admires realism that they had been duped by some fat 6/10 (with make up on), they wake up REAL quick, and no longer put up with their shit. Yep, the more you wear, the more you'll have to wear. Though if feels weird that you have't told me to shut my whore mouth, tits or GTFO, call me a Rostie, or throw ad hominems at me :/ Feels so wrong.

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Because, most normie chicks don't got 2 hours to layer and set face paint, fuck that noise!