Preterist dating the book of revelation

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Preterist dating the book of revelation

The dating of the book of Revelation falls into two camps. For example, early date advocates see the Revelation as having been written to comfort God’s people in the face of events that were then occurring.

This is a consequence of the belief that most of the prophecies in the book point to the beginnings of Roman persecution of the churches of Christ under Nero along about AD 64-70; including the Jewish revolt and the Roman civil war resulting in the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in AD 70.

For example, it depicts the demise of Judaism as an enemy of Christianity (Rom. With the removal of the temple system the church would grow unimpeded.

That is, just as some of the Old Testament prophets warned of soon-to-come events in the Babylonian captivity, so John warned of catastrophic events that his readers would said to have been first promulgated in anything like completeness by the Jesuit Alcasar, in his “Vestigatio Arcani Sensus in Apocalypsi” (1604). The next great name among this school of interpreters is that of Bossuet the great antagonist of Protestantism.” – Henry Alford, as quoted by Ron Cooke “In 1688, Jesuit-educated and Preterist, Bishop Bossuet dropped a bombshell on Protestants by publishing his scathing indictment of Protestantism, The History of the Variations of the Protestant Churches. This may be the most exhaustive contemporary defense to date of the partial preterist position.Bossuet’s purpose is so doing was to show the lack of unity and succession of Protestant doctrines through the ages (which the Calvinists claimed), unlike the unity and apostolic doctrines of the Catholic Church, thus fulfilling the promise of Jesus in Matt. Using the Protestant belief (that there have always been believers who have held to their anti-Catholic doctrines) against them, he proposes arguments proving the unorthodox Christianity of all the groups Protestants claimed as forefathers.” – Rand Winburn“A critical and exegetical commentary by a priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church first published in 1919. Barber This is the most in depth defense of the early dating of the authorship of the book of Revelation to the late A. 60’s, as opposed to the more common later dating in the A. This is a fascinating commentary, though rather innovative.Chilton is a 2/3 preterist: imposing as an interpretive grid the preterist interpretation on every N. passage that can conceivably take it; doing so for all such prophecies except the 2nd coming and a few other last straws.Before Chilton died in the 80’s those last straws gave way and he professed Hyper-Preterism. This is an exposition of Chilton’s Reconstructionist, partial-preterist, postmillennial eschatology, through his hermeneutic of Interpretive Maximalism (which hermeneutic is seriously off track).

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It means that John was warning the early Christians of events that would soon befall them, but now lie in our distant past.

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