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Plumbers dating site

He was a Justice of Trailbaston, which meant he could issue summary justice to hooligans (unfortunately this power has not been passed on to his successors! A chantry was added to the Church in 1337, to say daily mass for the souls of benefactors – presumably the Keighley family.

Walter de Langton (Rector 1272-94) went on to become Bishop of Lichfield and Lord Treasurer to Edward II.

Viking supremacy in Northumbria continued until the year 954.

Before the 11th Century, the Anglo-Saxon Church was based on semi-monastic minsters, whence monks or priests would visit the surrounding settlements to preach.

The picture that emerges is of the Anglo-Saxons carving farmsteads out of the wildwood with the aid of their 8-oxen iron-shod ploughs. It may be that the later development of local Churches here reflects a later change of settlement pattern from dispersed farmsteads to villages, which became the norm for rural society for a millennium. Craven is recorded as royal land, taken from Saxon Earl Edwin after his participation in the revolt; around 1100 it was granted to Robert de Romille, and became part of the Barony of Skipton.

Robert's daughter Cecilia founded a priory of Augustinian Canons at Embsay, which moved in 1154 to Bolton – far enough up Wharfedale from Otley to avoid clashing with the Archbishop's territorial or ecclesiastical interests.

Back to Contents In 1305 King Edward I granted "to Sir Henry de Kyghelay and his heirs, the right for a weekly market on Wednesdays at their manor of Kyghelay in the county of York; and of a yearly fair, on the eve, the feast and the morrow of Saints Simon & Jude (28th October); also of free warren (the right to keep rabbits, then a luxury) in all the demesne lands of the said manor".

It is probable that the original Church was built, like Keighley, Colne and Bingley, in the Twelfth Century.

Only in Keighley is it likely that the founder worshipped there regularly.

The old market was situated immediately North of the churchyard; the wall onto Church Walk facing the market site is the oldest stonework still standing, and may date from then (the side facing the churchyard has been re-faced). In 1138 King David of Scotland led an army into Yorkshire, when William Fitz Duncan beat King Stephen at the Battle of Clitheroe.

In 1152 he was installed by King David in the Honour of Skipton and Crafna (Craven).

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The nearest minster to Keighley was at Otley (dating from the 7th Century), which has three Anglian cross-shaft bases dated from the 8th & 9th Centuries. It appears that upper Airedale, although in theory part of York Diocese, was too sparsely populated for direct Church oversight.