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Plain Jane beautify with tons of makeups and cosmetic surgery are b itches, they think they world owes them and men are their slaves...

A beautiful woman who has a beautiful eyes, look for the good of others; Her beautiful lips speak only words of kindness; And her poise walk with the knowlege that she is never alone...........

Once the transformation is complete, the formerly plain "Jane" will surprise her unsuspecting crush with her new look and reveal her true feelings to him. I have seen the first two episodes of "Plain Jane", and while I realize it is a somewhat contrived, fake show, it is at least entertaining.

So far, there have been two somewhat attractive "Janes" that had cute faces and nice bodies, so it is no surprise when they are "transformed".

you need to walk away, because while you are going on about how beautiful that person is that you can't walk away from there is a friend standing there wondering what on earth you see in them... Pretty women are lovely inside and out often or biaches and plain women are often bitter or nasty or also lovely natured.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people become beautiful in my eyes as I get to know and appreciate them despite how they may actually look.

From my experience a lot of people expect the pretty ones to be conceited, even when they are friendly, so look for things they can interpret as being conceited because they want to reject the pretty one first because they assume they will be rejected. However, he was a total jerk and treated me terribly. The 'least attractive' guys, who aren't bad looking by any means, are much nicer.

Do you hang with a pretty girl even if she's a witch? Good looks are relative according to the individual looking out across the room.

There might be some truth to what you say, but it's hard to generalize this way.

Some gorgeous women are also wonderful people, and some ugly women are raging bit**es. The pretty ones do tend to expect more, and have a sense of entitlement.

Naturally good looking people have more choice in life and that natural.

No one would choose to breed with an ugly person if they had other choices as we all want good looking progeny and symmetry of feature and body denotes good genes. The goodlooking have more advantages in life, generally.

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I agree with some of the other posters who thought the first guy "crush" was gay. The British female host is amiable enough, though she looks awfully skinny! Well, while I can find plenty wrong with the show, I find it quite watchable.

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