Piper voice chat

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Piper voice chat

""Yes darling," she whispered, "I really would.""I'd like to sit on your knee while you sit on the pan and do it through my panties onto you," I told her and sighed as I felt her fingers caressing the front of my panties."That sounds perfect," she whispered and kissed me. ""Lots more."They were fucking now on the screen and I thought how boring it looked compared to what me and daddy had done or the fun we'd had with Rosita and her mother.

To me it just looked like straightforward sex, no frills and precious few thrills.

"This is a dream Piper," she said, her voice almost breaking with emotion, "Tell me I'm dreaming.""Daddy put you on the payroll two weeks ago Rosita." I passed her over her pay check, "Tell me that's a dream too.""It's a mistake Piper," she said disbelievingly, "It must be, how much is he paying me? "The company is and believe me gal, you'll earn your thousand dollars a week.""I ain't never seen that much money before in my life."I closed her door with my heel and took her into my arms to kiss her, "We work a month behind here with wages, you'll get another one next week with twice that amount in it.""I'm going to cry,""No you're not, we've got work to do."The work saw us landing at Heathrow just two days later and a limo dropped us at the Hilton where we'd booked a suite.

We hadn't planned anything for the first day, so after showering and freshening up, I took my lover cum assistant out for some retail therapy in the west end of London.

"I'm suddenly very wet.""That's just how I like you Piper," she laughed.Rosa by then was well into her newly discovered bi-sexual side and got down on the ground with her head between my legs.She reveled in the taste of daddy's sperm as she sucked it out of me, her legs still around her daughter's neck while I lapped and sucked at Rosita's plentiful wetness!"Wet and juicy."I fretted about her large breasts falling out from her bodice as she handed me my drink and proposed a toast."Work colleagues and lovers.""Wet and juicy pussies," I added and we drained our glasses.She took her gown off then whilst I refilled our glasses and set up my laptop to show her the film that daddy had showed me earlier that month,"This is who we're looking for," I told her.

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She groaned into her mother's cunt and moved her hips back and forth across my face, her copious juices dripping all the time."I ain't gonna last too long Piper," daddy gasped so I scissored my legs behind him to urge him on as I used my fingers to squeeze gently at Rosita's clitoris.

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