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Out source militay dating

Companies like Halliburton, MPRI, and Dyncorp now provide the military with services from logistics to training. ” When the Cold War ended, the Defense Department downsized by about 30 percent — cutting both military and civilian payrolls.

And that has stirred a debate that increases in urgency as the country creeps closer to war. Some of that slack was picked up outside contractors. It’s not about eliminating jobs, it’s about eliminating accountability.” Harnage isn’t alone in his criticism.

As EVP Global Sales & Marketing for CSC, Peter managed a bn sales volume and turned around a bn outsourcing business.

And, as leader for the business process advisory portfolio for TPI, Peter advised dozens of Global organizations around their strategies for shared services and outsourcing.

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As Chairman & CEO for Data Dimensions based in Seattle, Peter navigated early-stage internet technology adoption for enterprise modernization.Those include jobs like mowing grass, laundering clothes, or providing food service, according to Don Snider, a political science professor at the U. “The training of soldiers, the evaluations, the human development of the people that are going to war are core functions.” But some new weapons now come with private sector support staff that has to be near the battlefield. “Even maintenance personnel in the rear are subject to the same risks that more forward deployed personnel will be subjected to,” he said.“So having contractors anywhere within a theater of operation puts them at risk of being killed or injured.He has more than 30 years of experience in building and growing highly successful consulting and technology- based services operations around the globe.Peter has previously served on the Boards of n Power (NYC-based non-profit), Data Dimensions (NASD-listed) and Nautilus (NYSE-listed).

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