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I love a man who is motivated,has an interest in the arts and is athletic,adores animals and redheads ;).

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As in most religions, the honoured dead of Christianity -- real or fictitious men and women known for their piety -- are referred to as "saints" (holy persons).

In what some scholars believe was an attempt to appeal to pagans who worshipped various polytheistic pantheons, the Catholic Church long ago established the concept of the "intercession of saints," the idea that the saints of the Church have "the ear of God," and that prayers made by them in Heaven are more powerful or efficacious than prayers made on Earth by common people.

Many Catholics address the Virgin Mary with direct prayers and do not ask her to intercede on their behalfs with Jehovah, but although this is a common practice, technically speaking, Mary is not a deity but a holy person, and therefore prayers addressed to her are also called "intercessions." In acknowledgement of her widespread popularity, Mary's various manifestations and apparitions have been given patronage over an assortment of occupations and conditions by the Church, as if she were a multiplicity of saints.

The list of Patron Saints below is by no means complete, and it contains several individuals who have not received Papal approval but find common acceptance among folk-Catholics in various regions.

I hope you enjoy these works and I encourage you to read the works on-line or print them out. — Another in the series of classical books retold by Colum ad wonderfully illustrated by Pogany. Nice photos also of the photographers in action - 50 feet in the air with the old-style bellows cameras the size of suitcases! Profusely illustrated with photographs taken in the wild. All of the books listed here are out-of-print, public domain books. Many of these illustrators are not popularly known, but still deserve recognition and credit for the works presented in many of the books listed here. — 12 of the early Sherlock Holmes tales, including: A Scandal in Bohemia, The Read-Headed Le ague, The Five Orange Pips, The Adventure of the Speckled Band and The Adventure of the Copper Beeches...... Humans in the future have been ravaged and cities have fallen. The focus is on books published prior to 1923 in the U. Some of these artists were never given credit in the books for their work, and are only listed here by the signatures on the illustrations. Those humans remaining have reverted to medieval fuedalism where knowledge and learning are frowned upon.

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