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This camera is located at the Rohnerville Airport on the south end of Fortuna. On the cam page are links to three more cams located at the airport.When I first left the village of Dunmore, it was to go to university in London.If you have ever been to London, you would notice just how many amazing buildings there are within the city.There are the obvious buildings such as the Tower of London and Westminster Palace, but then there are other buildings that really stand out for different buildings.Although the ones I already mentioned are obviously beautiful and amazing, when you look at them you can truly see the history behind them.That is why other, newer buildings such as the famous Gerkhin and the Shard are such marvels when it comes to buildings and design.When I was a bit older and I finished my study in university, I eventually went to apprentice on a building site in Manchester.

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I wanted to really place my own mark within this world, and I felt taking part on the construction of such beautiful buildings would be the way I really wanted to do it.