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No sine ups just sex chat

A staging system is used to grade the severity of a cystocele.

A stage I, II, or III prolapse descends to progressively lower areas of the vagina.

A stage IV prolapse descends to or protrudes through the vaginal opening.

Surgery is generally reserved for stage III and IV cystoceles.

Surgery is generally not performed unless the symptoms of the prolapse have begun to interfere with daily life.

A patient's recovery time following laparoscopic surgery is shorter and less painful than following a traditional laparotomy (a larger surgical incision into the abdominal cavity). A urologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and genital organs. BUT IT DOES INTERFER WITH MY HUSBAND AND MY SEX LIFE.

Physical examination is most often used to diagnose a cystocele. IT IS BASICALLY A TURN OFF FOR MY HUSBAND-AND THEN I TOO GET DISGUSTED. The OB/GYN said it was pretty bad, I guess as far as the stretching.

Certain factors, however, may cause those tissues to weaken, leading to prolapse of the organs.

A cystocele may be the result of a central or lateral (side) defect.

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Other surgical treatments for incontinence may be combined with paravaginal repair. Cystocele repair is usually performed in a hospital operating room by a gynecologist, urologist, or urogynecologist. thank you I HAVE A CYSTOCELE SITUATION-FOR OVER 23 YRS.