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No email sex chart

This means that before ovulation, the temperatures are on average lower than they are after ovulation.

After you see at least three higher-than-average temperatures in a row, you can most likely say that ovulation occurred on the day before the first high temperature.

Most women prefer using the computer because you can log a ton of information and reduce the chance of human error.

Otherwise, your temperature will not be accurate, and you may not be able to detect ovulation.

When you ovulate, the hormone progesterone causes your temp to rise. Then, just before your period starts, the hormone progesterone drops.

This means your basal body temperature will drop too— To know what your basal temp is, you must take your temperature in the morning before you get out of bed or move around. That will cause your temps to rise just slightly, enough to make your chart inaccurate.

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After you have experience with charting, you may discover that you can skip the first few days of your period and start taking your temperature around day 5 or 7.