No email needed sex date austtalia

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No email needed sex date austtalia

Ecstasy and Intimacy retreat is focused on bringing balance into your relationship and sex that is nurturing, loving, exciting yet sustaining.It will support you in resolving any outstanding niggles in your relationship, no matter how big they may seem in this moment…Arrive at Cairns Airport and be transferred to the tranquil hills near Mission Beach where “working” on your relationship has never been so truly delightful, with the gentleness and serenity of your surroundings, along with the relaxing vibration of nature gently peeling away layers of resistance…A couple’s retreat that will allow you to see each other, and yourselves in a whole new way.Often our priority for long term relationships is looking for security and stability.Yet in this search, we abandon the vitality and excitement of a new relationship for what ends up being predictability and sameness.Learn what else is possible in your relationship, regardless of how long you’ve been together (most of our couples are long term) or where you’re at in your lives together.

When we are so busy with our daily work and family schedules, how do we maintain a loving, supportive, deeply committed, yet passionate and exciting relationship?

Ecstasy and Intimacy Retreat is presented for those couples who choose the best for themselves and their relationship, as during this retreat, a safe and held space is created allowing trust and intimacy to develop where any limiting underlying issues can surface in a supported and nurturing way.

During your opening into intimacy with your partner, Cobra Breath breathing techniques and advanced lovemaking skills are introduced for you to bring into your relationship (you have plenty of time in the privacy of your own room to practice).

We start to believe we know everything about our partners, yet we’re viewing them through the lens of our unresolved hurts and triggers and stop seeing them (and ourselves) for who they actually are.

This seriously limits the potential of spontaneity, love and passion in your relationship.

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