Nis ipnodes not updating the dating guy s01e01 hdtv sys immortalseed

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Nis ipnodes not updating

MAX_INT Each entry occupies a single line in the file.

Zero or more sources can be used for each database; the sources and their lookup order are specified in the /etc/file.

CREATING ETHERS FILE: # vi /etc/ethers CC: CC: CC: CC: CC: CC client EXAMPLE: # ifconfig -a lo0: flags=20010008 index 1 inet netmask ff000000 e1000g0: flags=10008 index 2 inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast ether 0:c:29:ae:5f:3c # vi /etc/ethers 0:c:29:ae:5f:3c myhost CREATING BOOTPARAMS FILE: # cat /etc/bootparams client root=nfsserver:/export/client/root EXAMPLE delta# cat bootparams finland root=c92:/home1/jumpstart/2.7_HW899/software/Solaris_2.7/Tools/Boot install=c92:/home1/jumpstart/2.7_HW899/software boottype=:in install_config=c92:/home1/jumpstart/2.7_HW899/info rootopts=:rsize=32768 CREATING TIMEZONE FILE: # grep TZ /etc/default/init # TZ, LANG, CMASK, or any of the LC_* environment variables.

You can configure these systems to obtain configuration information from files on the local system or from files that are located on other systems on the network.Everything on a line following a # character is also ignored; the # character can begin anywhere in a line, to be used to begin comments.The library functions contain compiled-in default entries that are used if the appropriate entry in is absent or syntactically incorrect.netgroup innetgr(3C) netmasks ifconfig(1M) networks getnetbyname(3SOCKET) passwd getpwnam(3C), getspnam(3C), getauusernam(3BSM), getusernam(3SECDB) printers lp(1), lpstat(1), cancel(1), lpr(1B), lpq(1B), lprm(1B), in.lpd(1M), lpadmin(1M), lpget(1M), lpset(1M) prof_attr getprofnam(3SECDB), getexecprof(3SECDB) project getprojent(3PROJECT), getdefaultproj(3PROJECT), inproj(3PROJECT), newtask(1), setproject(3PROJECT) protocols getprotobyname(3SOCKET) publickey getpublickey(3NSL), secure_rpc(3NSL) rpc getrpcbyname(3NSL) services getservbyname(3SOCKET).user_attr getuserattr(3SECDB) The following sources can be used: Source Uses files /etc/hosts, /etc/passwd, /etc/inet/ipnodes, /etc/shadow, /etc/security/auth_attr, /etc/user_attr nis NIS(YP) nisplus NIS ldap LDAP ad Active Directory dns Valid only for hosts and ipnodes.

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