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Nintendo dating simulator love plus

Although the series has seen several games across Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and even a prior appearance on i OS, it has never been localized for overseas audiences.I doubt anything will change with brings back Rinko, Nene, and Manaka from the previous games.

tends to focus on a smaller group of partners than many other dating simulations, and it goes to great efforts to try to make a connection between the player and their chosen partner.

It looks like a pretty typical entry in the series apart from the addition of a VR mode that you can play with using your favorite mobile VR accessory.

The game will release in Japan this winter and if its Tokyo Game Show appearance is any sign, Konami’s probably going to have a big success on their hands here.

Certainly, you can poke her eye or grope her chest, but the Love Plus girls are pure and will only respond to gentle stylus strokes in general areas. Of course, if your DS is mis-calibrated, like mine, it can feel like playing Surgeon Simulator where your simple hand holding gestures turn into a punch in the butt. While option points can be terribly repetitive, each girl has an incredible amount of (voiced) dialogue options, keeping the many walks home and dates new.

It’s also really hard to judge which girls like to be poked where and can kind of ruin dates if you’ve got clumsy hands. Unfortunately, new dialogue is about the only thing you can look forward to, as besides the rare jealousy encounters and main game story, the endgame is mostly repeated stat grinding text, re-used text messages and the same options.

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You can speed things up by entering Skip Mode and playing like you have been for the whole time, or you can enter the challenges of Real-Time Mode where if you’re not playing your DS at 1.30 Tuesday afternoon, your girlfriend will be mad at you.

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