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New zealand dating line

Auckland, Christ church and Wellington are the biggest cities. South Island is larger than North Island and has the highest mountains.There you can find the snow-capped Southern Alps, rising 3.764 metres to the tip of Mount Cook (named after Captain Cook, of course, because he visited the islands before sailing on westwards and discovering the eastern coast of Australia).

Plenty of things to do for tourists, because New Zealand is also famous for its fishing, snow sports, mountaineering, sailing and hiking.

New Zealand has more than 50 volcanoes, some are still active today. The Maori named New Zealand Aotearoa, which is usually translated into English as ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’.

Snowy peaks, rocky shores, and pastures create a really majestic landscape. The Dutch cartographers called the islands Nova Zeelandia, after the Dutch province of Zeeland. The British established settlements and signed a treaty with the Maori in 1840.

In 1840 the first settlers arrived and called their settlement Britannia.

By 1842 there were 3.700 colonists in the settlement and Britannia had become Wellington. too, are known as Kiwis, for the bird is also the symbol of people of the two islands.

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But Nicholson (after a Royal Navy captain) was the name given to it by the first British settlers, and it is still sometimes called by this name.