New online dating for singels hungarian dating culture

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New online dating for singels

Policeman, policeman, do your duty, Here comes (name of next jumper) And she’s a cutie; She can jump, she can twist, But I bet she can’t do this. Put her in a pumpkin shell And there he kept her very well. **** Every time you say doo-wop, doo-wop, shake your butt like you’re dancing. – Tue Sep 07 2004 i need to hear samples or know the tune to them – Sat Sep 11 2004 Have you ever heard the jump rope song that started after the flu epidemic of 1918? I think it starts…..there was a bird who’s name was enza…. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, go upstairs- Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say your prayers- Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn out the lights- Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say good-night! *** Every time you say Texas, move your right arm around in the air, like twirling a lasso A sailor went to doo-wop, doo-wop,**** to see what he could doo-wop, doo-wop, but all that he could doo-wop, doo-wop, was the bottom of the deep blue doo-wop, doo-wop!!! (Kids are supposed to do what the song says) – Thu Apr 22 2004 Going to a party don’t know what to wear My pants fell down, I had no underware how much seconds did I cry? – Sat May 29 2004 Honey Bear, Honey Bear touch the ground Honey Bear, Honey Bear turn around Honey Bear Honey Bear how old are you? – Sat May 29 2004 Blue Bells Cockle Shells Eevie Ivy Over My Dogs name is Rover He died last October January……(keep counting until the person reaches their birthmonth) 1..2..3…(keep counting until the person reaches their bithday) – Sat Jun 26 2004 inky binky donkey daddy had a donkey donkey died daddy cried inky binky bonkey – Thu Jul 15 2004 (name) and (name) sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love and then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby’s carriage – Mon Aug 02 2004 England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales Inside, Outside, Inside, ON!!!!!! Pepper one, or the one that included the verse, Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to jupiter to get more stupider??? She can play the piano, 1 2 3 Mary, Mary, who is she? The lion choked, the monkey croaked, And they all went to heaven in a little row boat, Clap-Clap! Two little pails of water, Two little pails of water, Girls in wooden shoes, Girls with wooden legs. ((repeat all that like the miss suzie was a _______ w/e (go from baby, toddle, child, teen, adult, old lady, and than an angel.(It’s kindof weird.) Mailman, mailman, Do your duty Here comes miss American Beauty. K…I…S…S…(on each letter the child moves his or her feet more and more outward, doing better and better splits. She is fair and she is pretty She is the girl from the tin can city. He took her to the courtyard, Asked her, ‘Will you marry me? Three, six, nine, the goose drank wine, The monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line. miss suzie was an angel angel miss suzie was an angel and went like this wa wa suck my thumb give me a peice of bubble gum. She can do the can-can, she can do the splits, but most of all she can kiss-kiss-kiss! She put him in the bathtub To see if he could swim. Miss Lucy called the doctor, Miss Lucy called the nurse. Teddy bear, teddy bear, dressed in blue, Can you do what I tell you to? Six he loves, Seven she loves, Eight both love; Nine he comes, Ten he tarries, Eleven he courts, Twelve he marries. (faster and faster, then letter stopped on use in next part) ____(name using letter stopped on) do you love me, yes, no, maybe so, yes no maybe so…… – Sat Mar 20 2004 Bubble gum, Bubble gum in a dish how many pieces do you wish? – Thu Apr 15 2004 D I S H choice sleeping beauty criss cross criss cross around the world pop up cigarate mumbo (intill the person stops.) – Fri Apr 16 2004 Stupid you stupid me how long can we be stupid be 1234567891011121314151617181920 21222324252627282930 31323334353637383940 41424344454647484950 51525354555657585960 61626364656667686970 71727374757677787980 81828384858687888990 919293949596979899100 on and on – Fri Apr 16 2004 Here in Brazil we use to sing a skipping rope song like this: A man knocked in to my door And I just opened Mr. It was one of my favourites.) – Wed Dec 29 2004 Spongebob squarepants lives down in the sea how many humans can he spot but me 1,2,3….. He tried to eat the bathtub But it wouldn’t go down his throat. Police man stopped me put me on his knee, asked me a silly questions will you marry me, yes no maybe so (until the person makes a mistake One I love, Two I love, Three I love I say; Four I love with all my heart, Five I cast away. – Sun Nov 23 2003 jam, jam, apple tart, tell me the name of your sweetheart, A, B, C…. – Tue Dec 28 2004 candy apple on a stick makes my tummy really sick not sick in a good way or sick because i met the boyz behind the bus not sick because iv been so mean or ’cause i kissed a boy behind the magazine im to my stomack oh so sick because i ate candy apple on a stick – Tue Dec 28 2004 Kookaburra sits on the electric wire If he doesn’t shift he’ll catch on fire Dance, Kookaburra dance, Kookaburra Hot your life must be Clapping game: Under, the bamboo, Under, the tree cha cha cha True love, for me cha cha cha (does anyone know how this one goes? She is handsome, she is pretty, She is the belle of Belfast city. They rap at the door, they ring at the bell, Saying, ‘O my true-love, fare you well? K…I…S…S…(on each letter the child moves his or her feet more and more outward, doing better and better splits. Suzie had a steamboat, The steamboat had a bell, (ding-ding) Ms. The Eiffel Tower is 300 meters tall From the top to bottom. She can do the can-can, she can do the splits, but most of all she can kiss-kiss-kiss!

Down by the valley where the green grass grows sat pretty ( girls name) pretty as a rose she sang and she sang and she sang so sweet along came ( a boy the jumper likes) kissed her on the cheek shame shame double shame now we know your boyfriends name took her to the movies sat her on his lap asked her a question will you marry me yes,(keep going until the jumper misses. – Tue Aug 12 2003 Kookaburra sits in the old GUM tree Merry, merry king of the BUSH is he, Laugh kookaburra, luagh Kookabuura, gay your life must be. now repeat after me (speed up paste)….i said a ice cream soda pop, ginerale lolipop.. – Fri Oct 29 2004 Fortune teller fortune teller please tell me who my boyfriends gonna be (count through the abc’s until the person messes up) and whatever the letter is you make a name out of it like if its J then its like josh – Sat Dec 11 2004 All in together girls Mighty fine weather girls When is your birthday Please run out January February March April May June July August September October November December Bluebells, cockleshells Eevie ivy over My mother sent me to the store And this is what she sent me for Salt Vinegar Mustard Pepper. -down by the bay with the hanky panky where the bull frog frog jumps from bank to bank he says hip hop dilli-op-she-bop, last one outs a bullfrog let me hear ya say 1, 2, 3… The wind, the wind, the wind blows high, It blows Mary through the sky. miss suzie was an old lady old lady miss suzie was an old lady and went like this wa was suck my thumb give me a peice of buddble gum.. First person to fall loses.) Mailman, mailman, do your duty, here comes miss american beauty. Up the ladder, down the ladder, A, B, C, Up the ladder, down the ladder, H – O – T! miss suzie was a teenager miss suzie was a teenager and she went like this wa wa suck my thumb give me a piece of bubble gum.suzie was a adult adult miss suzie was an adult and went like this-wa was suck my thumb give me a piece of bubble gum.. S (move feet apart further outward with each letter. In come the Doctor, in came the nurse, in came the lady with the alligator purse. Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack All dressed in black, black, black With silver buttons, buttons, buttons All down her back, back, back. First she did the merry-go-round And then she did the split. – Sat Jan 08 2005 I went downtown to see charlie brown he gave me a nickle so I baught a pickle but the pickle was sour so i got a flour but the flour was dead so this is what he said down down (move arms down) baby (cradle arms) down (move arms down) by the water fall (sprinkel hands down asif it was raining) sweet sweet honey (lick finger) never guna let you go (shake finger) just because i kissed (kiss hand) doesnt mean i love you( pat heart) shimmy shimmy cocopops show of ur body (stand in model pose and jump) shimmy shimmy cocopops i know karate (stand in karate position and jump) shimmy shimmpy cocopops freaze(stairing contest) **Note: Doe this with partner. Miss Lucy called the lady with the alligator purse. – Fri Feb 13 2004 BUBBLE GUM, BUBBLE GUM IN A DISH HOW MWANY PEICES DO YOU WISH? – Fri Mar 19 2004 Cinderella, dressed in blue, Who’s gunna go to the ball with you?! – Tue Jan 04 2005 Raven can see the future as clear as can be I wonder what will happen next to me: Dating, Marriage, or kissing my babe (repeat until jumper stops) – Tue Jan 04 2005 Polly in the kitchen chewing bubble gum, in popped the boogie man and asked for some!

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Her house will be Big house, little house, pigpen, barn. He made me call him “your highness” and more and more and more!