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Network validating identity stuck

While the edge server is rebooting we can add a DNS entry on the domain controller so all internal resources know how to reach the server by its “FQDN” – it’s not actually an FQDN because it isn’t domain joined, but the rest of the systems will need to be able to route to it like it is.

Once the edge has rebooted we will need to add the feature “Microsoft .

When we configure this value we must also add a primary DNS suffix.

I prefer to do these labs with different name spaces for AD and the public domain because that is the most common scenario I’ve run into in the real world.

I’ve also matched the last octet of the address to make it easier to manage at a glance.

Here is what the design looks like: To start we need to add an edge to our topology, on the front end server (lyncfe) open “Lync Server Topology Builder”.

***Note – you can utilize another name here such as the Front End servers name, however the domain must match the sip domain.

You also must have a SAN entry on the front end certificate to match this entry*** Now that our DNS zone is in order we can plan for our edge server.

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Then we need to expand our topology, right click “Edge Pools” and choose “New Edge Pool” Click “Next” on the “Define Edge Pool” page Enter the FQDN you will be using for your edge and select “Single Computer Pool” Next we have a screen offering 3 options: For this scenario we have selected “Enable Federation (port 5061)” and “The external IP address of this edge pools is translated by NAT” Next we define our public names for the edge roles, notice all roles use port 443.

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