Nazi dating site

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Nazi dating site

Altvater was among the revellers, drinking and eating at a banqueting table amid the bloodshed.

A little girl approached her, crying and begging for her life. ’ Block declared, grabbed the girl by the hair, smashed her with her fists, then pushed her to the ground and stamped on her head until she was dead.

A mass of secretaries, for example, typed the orders to kill and filed the details of massacres.

Then she stopped, picked one up, took it to the balcony and threw the child to the pavement three floors below. Some died, and even those who survived were seriously injured.

Even more caught up in the criminal madness were administrators such as Liselotte Meier, who worked so closely with her strutting boss, an SS officer, that they were almost indistinguishable.

She joined him on shooting parties in the snow, hunting and killing Jews for sport. After each operation, it was usual for the SS killers, many of them drunk on schnapps, to seek solace in the women’s quarters, whether for sexual release or a shoulder to cry on after the exertions of mass execution.

From the moment the Nazis came to power and imposed policies of Aryan racial purity, countless nurses, their aprons filled with morphine vials and needles, routinely slaughtered the physically disabled and mentally defective.

Pauline Kneissler worked at Grafeneck Castle, a euthanasia ‘hospital’ in southern Germany, and toured mental institutions selecting 70 ‘patients’ a day.

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Erna Petri — callous dispatcher of those six Jewish boys — was one such Frau.

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