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She met a white tourist at a restaurant that came up to her and started a conversation.

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She was already sure that doing this African porn video was going to be the best choice she has made since coming to this country.

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Kerry was a bit shocked at first when she found out Stellah had been filming African porn movies of them but after some consideration she found it hotter than ever. shaaaaaaaaaaaa ive noticed that pipo in malawi create a lot of crap about engy or states kuti azizilimbitsa mtima palibe amwene kunja kuno ndikokoma. You said that they lie that they go to school, how do you know that they don't go to school. It really blows me when folks come here preaching about morality and all that garbage.... but it is true some girl here in my city from malawi was in a porn movieand she use to work in london at a strip club.............heard bout it and people who watched the tape and circulated it gave hera hard time but she changed now and she no longer doesher boyfriend even broke it off with her when he saw the tape when he came to its funny how people are quick to condemn others when they are just as nasty,whats wrong with a freaky dicky drive by for money,you can indulge in any money generating scheme as long as you are confortable with malawi people go screw in brothels,from devil street to lunzu.atleast here we screw wholes that can give you a blow job but back home they wont understand what it is,no foreplay its just business then sprinkle a cold carlsberg beer to make it shrink ready for the next punter. am not dissing malawi koma kunoko palibe chofanana ndi pa malawi. If it would pay for my somewhat exquisite lifestyle. Moreover, 'they' never specify what school theyre going for. And I agree with you Brandy - If I had to do porno for decent money, I will do it. ive noticed that pipo in malawi create a lot of crap about engy or states kuti azizilimbitsa mtima palibe amwene kunja kuno ndikokoma. In fact I have one of the largest 70s erotica collection you're likely to see, and I earned it. Don't judge people's professions, you may judge someone's style of living but your proffesion is nobody's biz, as long as you are able to support yourself and it's not illegal and you are uptodate with your taxes, you are good!!! I know some of you with limited thinking will brand me as a stripper myself or a porno actress but between me and you, if things were tight in my life and I had the body to show off I could've gone for it too.


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