Myspace dating statistics

Posted by / 08-Apr-2020 17:50

The presence of sexual predators on online social networks is getting attention on the mainstream media.

Most of the spotlight is on My (supposedly bigger than Google in sheer traffic).

Actually, there is one way – by verifying the real identities of every member.

But doing so is not practical, as it would effectively destroy the community.

Does this mean My Space will not be able to monetize their enormous inventory of pageviews?

As I wrote in my last piece, where I compared My Space to Google, the challenge is a tough one to begin with.

You can prevent that person from viewing any personal information whatsoever.Update: Shawn Gold from SVP Marketing of My Space has left a comment on the thread and has assured us that My Space is working hard.He also points out that these are problems facing the social networks.As anyone who has battle-scars from running a large community can attest, nearly every effort that attempts to ensure higher safety & security will have a diametrically opposite effect on the growth and attractiveness of the service to existing members and potential members alike.At the end of day, people online will generally prefer the benefits of anonymity, even when weighed against extreme risks.

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As of this past week, this is the unfortunate predicament that Rupert Murdoch’s My Space finds itself in.