Munin not updating

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Munin not updating

I think my munin config is more or less standard, with some modifications for access restriction from certain IPs, and obviously my node config - so again I'm not sure whether you want to see it or not.

auto Total Accesses: 77429 Total k Bytes: 494651 CPULoad: .0207087 Uptime: 60506 Req Per Sec: 1.27969 Bytes Per Sec: 8371.44 Bytes Per Req: 6541.77 Busy Workers: 6 Idle Workers: 10 Scoreboard: ._____. Attach the plugin i use Hi, I'm running on Ubuntu 14.04.1 - until the other day I was on 12.04.4, so when I upgraded I went a big jump in Munin versions.

Hi, i have a problem with apache graph after upgrade to apache 2.4 from 2.2.

My apache is configured for SSL access and i have the modified plugin for SSL, but after updating apache don't work, if run "munin-run apache_accesses" i have: accesses443.value U My /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-node contains: [apache_*] yes 80 env.ports 443

In the new version, obviously there's the dynazoom stuff, and now when I try and view the detailed graph page I get a placeholder where the graph should be.

I've tried to follow a few guides to getting munin running under nginx with fastcgi but I don't seem to be getting anywhere - I've reverted the munin config changes, but at present have left the nginx munin config; I don't know whether it's worth me trying to revert it to how it was before I started trying to fix this or whether it's easier for someone who actually knows how to make it work to just tell me to start again, so if you want me to do the former then I'll willingly do it, I just didn't want to waste the time!

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The error is due to a bug in a Perl library Munin uses which causes $PATH variable to be lost, and then causes the plugin cannot find the mysqladmin program which it needs to retrieve the numbers to populate in the graphs.

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