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Save 'Save the file If wb Closing = True Then This Workbook. Visible = xl Sheet Very Hidden 'Make Splash screen very hiddenws Current. Unprotect Password:=pswd 'Unprotect the workbookws Splash. Visible = xl Sheet Visible 'Make the Splash screen worksheet visible For Each ws In This Workbook. Visible = xl Sheet Very Hidden 'Make the Splash screen worksheet very hidden (only visible through VBA code)This Workbook.

Close 'If trying to close the workbook, allow the process to occur This Workbook. Will get error when trying to make sheets visible if this not done. Activate 'Activate the initial worksheet This Workbook. Protect Password:=pswd 'Protect the workbook with a password Application.

The macros are slightly different than posted, but it's the same theme.

Or alternatively, reverse the procedure when the workbook is closed, saving the file as part of the process. Here is some code that embodies Walkenbach's suggestions. Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open()Dim ws As Worksheet, ws Splash As Worksheet Dim Pswd As String Pswd="my Password"Application.

I've modified it so Sheet1 won't display unless the user enters the correct password. Screen Updating = False Set ws Splash = Worksheets("Splash screen")ws Splash. Name="Sheet1" Then If Input Box("Please enter your password")=Pswd Then ws. Visible = xl Sheet Visible End If End If Next wsws Splash. Screen Updating = True End Sub Hi sorry for the wait, thanks for your help on this.

Hi, could someone point me in the right direction to the best simplest way to password protect an excel workbook so that a password has to be entered before going to the first worksheet, whether someone enables macros or not.

I have used excel security to protect the workbook from creating new sheets and the usual, and protected and hidden sheets also protected the vbe.

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