Mother dating lebron james

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Mother dating lebron james

James and Savannah Brunson, his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children, became engaged somewhat recently.

Recently in March 2017, he showcased his talent in former NBA coach and player John Lucas' all-star weekend event, which is sort of a test for the top middle school players in America.The rummours for his eventual transfer began after Kyrie Irving insisted to leave the club.That will maybe happen, but Le Bron will remain faithful to his current team.He has already been compared to his father for his play style, and according to his father, shows more potential than he did when he was at his son's age.He is known for his ability to score and dribble, and also for his dunking ability.

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— The insider claims although Aaron and Le Bron never had a relationship, after Aaron’s mother died of cancer last year he struggled to bury her and reluctantly reached out to his famous half-sibling for help.

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