Minor dating laws in maryland

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Minor dating laws in maryland

Groundwater enhances water supplies because it has a capacity to help meet water needs during periods of increased demand during drought and when surface-water resources are close the limits of sustainability.Therefore, it is critical to improve understanding of groundwater interactions within the global water cycle, supports ecosystems and society, and responds to complex human activities that are coupled to natural-climate variability (such as the El Niño/Southern Oscillation) and human induced climate change.To address these concerns, my students and I use field, laboratory, and modeling-based research to answers critical questions about the many process-level controls on groundwater quantity and quality in vulnerable aquifer systems in agricultural, coastal, urban, and alpine settings.Research and/or Teaching Area: Sedimentology, geobiology My research interests broadly span the co-evolution of life and the earth surface environment on geologic and recent timescales. Geological and Environmental Sciences - Stanford University At SFSU since 2005 Phone: (415) 338-1144 Office: TH 515 E-mail: [email protected] Research and/or Teaching Area: Petrology, geochemistry, geochronology, the tectonics of mountain building, and natural hazards My research involves field work that has taken me to mountain belts all over the globe - the Indian Himalaya, the Dabie-Sulu belt in eastern China, the Scandinavian Caledonides of Norway, the Urals Mountains in Russia and the Kokchetav massif in Kazakhstan.He's still committed to studying granite pipes, apparently oblivious to the fact that the revised building codes now require that all plumbing be either copper or approved plastic.This does not dissuade geology majors and graduate students, however, who are eager to work under his inspired tutelage.Department Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm E-mail: [email protected]: (415) 338-2061 Fax: (415) 338-7705 Address: 509 Thornton Hall San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Ave.San Francisco, CA 94132 Contact: Roger Dang Administrative Analyst Department Office Manager Phone: (415) 338-2993 Email: [email protected] Gurdak well sampling with students.

Paleoclimate research is therefore required to put the global warming trend of the last decades within the context of the Earth’s dynamic climate system. Much of the work we’ve accomplished over the past few years has recently come to fruition through manuscripts either accepted or submitted to the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America and the Journal of Geodynamics. Environmental Science and Engineering - Colorado School of Mines Ph. Geochemistry - Colorado School of Mines At SFSU since 2009 Phone: (415) 338-6869 Office: TH 537/538 E-mail: [email protected] Research and/or Teaching Area: Hydrogeology, vadose zone hydrology, aqueous geochemistry, groundwater contamination, hydroclimatology, and climate change/variability effects on water resources My research goals are the improved understanding of processes that affect the sustainability of water resource in California and the western United States.

In addition, I was co-coordinator or session chair of the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Conference on Severe Local Storms in 1996, 1998, 2000, 20, and served on the Severe Local Storms Committee of the AMS for the period 1996-1998.

The major thrust of my research in this area was to show that supercell tornadic thunderstorms can and do occur in California and to bring forecasting techniques on such storms to the National Weather Service Forecast Offices in this part of California. Trace Element Geochemistry-University of British Columbia Ph. Geology - Stanford University At SFSU since 1971 Phone: (415) 338-7729 Office: TH 620 E-mail: [email protected] Research and/or Teaching Area: Experimental petrology, geochemistry, economic geology, and soils geology How do you keep this man down?

Because we have been routinely measuring surface temperature over most of the world's land surface for less than 150 years, indirect methods of inferring temperature must be employed if we are to build the long records necessary to fully understand the scale of human influence on global climate.

Currently much of my work focuses on problems in the interpretation of tree rings as a proxy for past climate variability, and on how our reconstructions of past climates can be improved by incorporating ecological laws into our reconstruction methodologies.

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B Geology/Physics-Mathematics - Brown University Sc. M Climate Physics and Chemistry - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph. Earth & Planetary Science – UC Berkeley At SFSU since 2013 Phone: 415-338-1209 Office: 610 E-mail: [email protected] and/or Teaching Area: Climate change, reconstructions of past climates (particularly from tree rings), interactions of human societies and climate over the last ~4000 years, response of the global rain patterns to global warming, the annual cycle of climate variability.