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“So, I have a new boyfriend,” she said as she clambered skyward. People don’t need to know my business until I really know my business, you know? ’ I have a different trainer now,” she reported with a smile. But by the end of November, Hilary and Jason would call it quits on a personal level as well.

Boulders, a rock climbing gym in downtown Los Angeles. The woman loves a challenge, especially conquering one—in this case, a wall of Technicolor plastic nubs.

“I have to say, aging scares me a little bit,” the star confesses. If I really wanted to make changes, I could, but I enjoy myself.” Lately, she’s been putting more muscle behind her professional moves.

Last year, she changed managers, ending a business relationship she’d had since she was 11, to sign with Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s rep).

It’s a lot of noise in your head.” #adulting That’s why the girl who was Lizzie Mc Guire is actually excited to turn 30: “I think I’m a pretty confident person. My body doesn’t respond the same way to food or even training,” she tells me. I can usually get in good shape pretty fast, but I can fall out of shape pretty fast too.” Hilary’s preferred workouts are low-impact, like yoga: “Even though I love Spinning, my vagina always hurts really bad afterward!

I’ve had a career for a long time, but I’ve put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself as a woman, a businessperson, an actress. ’ Everyone I’ve talked to says you come into your own in your 30s. I’m looking forward to that.” And while she welcomes the increased emotional maturity, she’s kinda dreading the face creases that come with that. ” More honesty: “I’m always in that 5- to 10-pound struggle.

“I don’t want to talk too much about that,” she begins. We feel like it’s respectful to keep everybody in the loop.

I don’t know as much about his life as he knows about mine because mine’s a lot more public.” Aggressive dating is not her MO though. I meet, like, one person a year that I’m maybe attracted to.” She says she’s learned not to force feelings that just aren’t there.

I just need to hash it out.” Unlike some former child stars, she’s not at all compelled to do a total 180 on her image in order to appear cooler, edgier, or interested in the avant-garde. That’s who I am.” In that same vein, starting fresh doesn’t mean denying her past.“We had a sleepover, and she was like, ‘Man, being in your 20s sucks.’ I’m like, ‘I know, girl, I feel you.’ I’ve obviously done the things I’m most proud of in my 20s, like have a child.But I feel like the struggle of your 20s is just not feeling good enough.)Instagram is a social media network that emphasizes the sharing of photos.While Instagram use has not caught on yet as much as, say, Twitter, most professional sports teams – at least in the United States – have an official account, as do hundreds of athletes and their wives and girlfriends (WAGs).

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