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In Sweden, Midsummer is even celebrated as a national holiday (also see Scandinavian national holidays).Most Midsummer's Eve celebrations take place on the Saturday between June 20 and June 26.We pioneered the concept of offering online dating services free of charge.We were not set up as a business, but set up to try to make a genuine difference in people's lives.Known as Sankthansaften or in earlier times "Jonsok" (which means "John's wake"), Midsummer in Norway is marked by ceremonies that evolved from Christianity, which included pilgrimages to holy sites.Bonfires are part of the celebration, as are mock weddings, meant to symbolize new life and the new season.Danes traditionally celebrate on the eve before Midsummer.

A traditional celebration of the Summer solstice, Midsummer is the longest day of the year (June 21).

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Like in every major Scandinavian tradition, celebrating with others goes hand in hand with good holiday food.

Traditional food for Midsummer in Scandinavia are potatoes with herring or smoked fish, fresh fruit, and probably some schnapps and beer for the adults.

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