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Methods dating rock art

They present information, drawings, and photographs of sites ranging from the Seven Sacred Stones in Iowa to the Bald Friar Petroglyphs of Maryland and from the Lincoln Rise Site in Tennessee to the Nisula Site in Quebec.Discussions of the significance of artist gender, the relationship of rock-art to mortuary caves, and the suggestive link to the peopling of the continent are particularly notable contributions.Moreover, this volume brings together rock-art researchers froma variety of fields.

To support his thesis, he surveyed and listed numerous prehistoric sites and features on the Tennessee landscape, producing one of the earliest synthetic descriptions of the state’s archaeological record. Several site complexes—spatial clusters of temporally and functionally related sites—have been identified on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and investigated through a combination of survey and test excavation strategies.We may quibble about just what is judged to be “meaningful,” but there can be little argument that dots and lines cannot be further divided in rock-art taxonomies of form.They can, of course, be painted, or the lines may be pecked or incised, and natural forms like vesicles in granitic rocks or glacial striae can be enhanced to pro-...Petroglyphs, pictographs, and dendroglyphs (tree carvings) have been discovered and recorded throughout the eastern woodlands of North America on boulders, bluffs, and trees, in caves and in rock shelters.These cultural remnants scattered on the landscape can tell us much about the belief systems of the inhabitants that left them behind.

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The term rock-art was popularized with the publication of Campbell Grant’s book Rock Art of the American Indian (1992 [1967]).

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