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It was a happy accident,” Fisher told Yahoo Esports.

“I didn’t anticipate my career going in that direction. I was starstruck.”Around the time Fisher came aboard, Team YP struck deals with two talented Ultra Street Fighter IV players: Valentin “Valmaster” Petit, the best Chun-Li player in Europe, and Anton “Filipinoman” Herrera, the most notable Rose in North America.

She grew up on video games, was fascinated with esports, and had professional management experience from her former gig.

I’m really into that.”Valmaster and Filipinoman flourished under Team YP.

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He recently finished 13th at Evo 2016, playing his way through the loser’s bracket after a first round loss.“Claire really looks out for her players,” Filipinoman told us.

“She was really invested in the fighting game community.”Fisher saw her players as more than people wearing Team YP jerseys on live streams. I’m there to advise them and push their careers in a certain direction.”Team YP’s esports presence slowly grew, but while that was good for the org, it also brought unwanted attention…and eventually, controversy.

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