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Even if I were The Rock himself, I wouldn't want to dig thru thousands of fakes! Do not agree to send any money, gift cards, phone cards, Apple cards or money to these people.

They lure u into thinking they love u within first couple of days.

If u have been scammed, Im sorry, but u can help the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, help catch the people, buy giving all ur info on the email address found on the embassy website. If I could give a 0 rating, I would Portrayed as a officer of the Army. Stay out don't get fool by these scammers Watch out for Jamie Beaty Basically any date site that doesn't at least provide an address/location of their "company" then it's almost always a fraud.

And I have been conducting a sort of study on the two primary contacts to figure out whether information shared with one can become known to the other. Scammers actually tell you at end they work for Mate1 to Scam you... Stay Away from this site it's Criminal and Dangerous!!! The website is LOADED with fake profiles or women from other countries, or prostitutes, the list goes on and on. The website Mate.1 should be shutdown for false advertising and misleading info. I saw your reviews and most of them says you are scam, fake and junk. You dont have the paypal payment system and there is no guarantee that my payment will be secure. Please answer me as I'm trying to cancel my 3 day subscription, but it won't let me.

They should be arrested for what they are being allowed to do .... As I went through their questions instead of joining Matchsenior I ended up on Mate1

After looking at it for a while I decided to do a 3-month subscription.

Good luck :-) Not sure how sites are allowed to run in our great country, when it clearly is only there to rob the hard working citizens of thefrre hard earned money one way or any!

I have a couple extremely persistent individuals that have been in contact with me for quite a few months now !

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So in conclusion I am going to bet that what u are saying once a member is probable cause for a warrant to be issued without u even knowing how they infiltrated your network safety net! Thank you, Gilbert Coan I have reported this to my credit card company and they continue to pay Mate1 for service I did not request.

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