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Following is how Marsha later recounted the conversation with the counselor: Marsha: "What do you mean, trust my feelings?

" Counselor: "You know you are not happy in your marriage." Marsha: "Yes, that’s true." Counselor: "Perhaps that you need a separation in order to figure out whether you really want this marriage." Marsha: "But I love Paul and I am committed to him." Counselor: "The choice is yours, but I doubt that you will begin to feel better until you start to trust your feelings and pay attention to your unhappiness." Marsha: "Are you saying I should get a divorce?

I was not in the room to hear what the therapist said in each case, and you cannot always assume a one to one connection between what somebody reports the therapist said and what the therapist actually said.

Medication began to relieve some of these symptoms, but she was still upset about the state of her marriage.You’d be interested to know that, according to a national survey, 80 percent of all private practice therapists in the United States say they do marital therapy.And only 12% of them are in a profession that requires even one course or any supervised experience.She focused on Paul’s ambivalence about the Christian faith, his avoidance of personal topics of communication, and his tendency to criticize her when she expressed her worries and fears.Marsha sought help at the university student counseling center where she and Paul were graduate students.

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The other thing I want to add, and as we go through this presentation today it is very important to keep in mind, is that most people who get any help from a counselor or therapist for their marital problems are seeing an individual counselor or therapist. If they are depressed, anxious, or having trouble with your life, most people go to an individual psychotherapist.