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Back in 2007, despite the weight of conclusive evidence, it was difficult to get many people even to admit publicly that there might be a problem.

Naz Shah, Labour MP for Bradford West, was quickly reinstated after a brief suspension from the party for suggesting that Israel should be relocated to America.

More than a decade ago, only a few brave Labour MPs would speak out on the subject, most notably Bassetlaw’s John Mann.

Today, others are prepared to stand up and be counted, calling on Corbyn to make a proper apology over the mural and rid the party of the cancer of anti-Semitism once and for all. Corbyn might regret the ‘pain’ caused to the Jewish community, but he’s not going to change his beliefs, nor denounce his terrorist ‘friends’, nor kick visceral anti-Semites out of the party.

Eleven years ago, I wrote a Saturday essay in this newspaper exposing a virulent new strain of anti-Semitism.

It was based on what I had discovered while making a documentary for Channel 4, called The War On Britain’s Jews?

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My thesis was that while the far-Right hadn’t gone away, most of the hostility towards the Jewish community was coming from an unholy alliance between those I dubbed the Fascist Left and Islamist fanatics.

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