Male cancer dating female libra

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Where you sometimes feel helpless or find her on your nerves.

This may become base for differences between you both.

Your hurtful words may break the heart of sensitive Libran.

But watch out being an airy she is brainier and can defeat you in brain game.

In the beginning it may go on well but later on it may be difficult.

So, make him a little bit social but on the other hand you are suggested to provide him security and comfort when he requires you during the time of his emotional disturbance.

Whereas Libran woman is suggested to understand the emotional swings of her Cancer partner.The position of Sun of both signs is square to each other which indicates inimical behavior but not on the exposed manner or the things are felt on surface in the beginning.Libran woman requires more excitement than a Cancer man could provide. Communicative, logic, changeful and moody are the keywords for Librans.You are beautiful and may have dimple in your cheeks.

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Don’t drive when you are in bad mood that can make you a reckless driver.

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  1. Unfortunately, that attitude isn’t so simple when study after study shows that more often than not, hooking up can leave women saddled with negative mental side effects, like feeling insecure, used or unwanted.